ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_7 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_7
ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_2 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_2
ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_3 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_3
ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_4 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_4
ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_5 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_5
ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_6 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_6
ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_1 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_1
ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_8 ylight_MH400BSW-WP_IP65_LED400W_8


AL-MH400BSW-WP is a IP65 LED moving hybrid light, it has 400W LED Engine, with 50,000 hours life time. CRI(Ra)>75. Builds in Independent CMY+CTO system, 12 Color filters +open color wheel and 12 fixed gobo with open circle, 7 pcs glass rotation gobo, each can be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise.  High penetration coating lens to create 4°~35° Zoom Angle, Dual prism.  1 Frost filter, OLED menu display , rugged High-temperature resistance plastic & Molded alloy material, reach IP65 high level protection,   and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v). with smart Fan control and  RDM function. Suitable for open air events or permanent installations.


Advanced optical lens with high grade coating;
4°~35° Zoom Angle

PAN=540°, movement speed: 540°/2.5s 16bit precision adjustment;
PAN=260°, movement speed: 260°/1.5s 16bit precision adjustment.

Independent CMY+CTO
1 Color wheel: 14 color filters +open

1 Static Gobo Wheel:12 fixed gobo with open circle
1 Rotation Gobo Wheel: 7 pcs rotational Glass gobo;

Extensive effect
Dual Prism: 8 facet prism and 8 facet single row prism
1 Froster Filter
Independent frost effect;
0~100% linear mechanical dimmer.

IP65 waterproof
IP65 waterproof, suitable for any indoor outdoor environment
working temperature from -20℃ to +40℃.



Item Number AL-MH400BSW-WP
Body Material High-temperature resistance plastic & Molded alloy material
Product size 424mm × 367mm × 725mm
Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power 500W
Lamp Type  400W LED Engine
Average Life Span 50,000 hours
Control Channel 22/26 control channel modes
Control Mode Standard DMX512, Master/Slave control mode, Sound active, Auto Run, RDM
Menu Display OLED with touch buttons, English & Chinese
DMX Signal Connection 3/5-pin XLR input/output
Optical Lens High penetration coating lens
Zoom Angle 4°~35°
Working Temperature -20-40℃
IP Rate IP65
Package 1pc/carton
Packing Size 601mm x 530mm x 735mm
N.W/G.W 27kgs/33.5kgs