ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_10 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_10
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_7 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_7
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_8 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_8
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_9 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_9
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_6 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_6
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_5 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_5
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_4 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_4
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_3 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_3
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_2 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_2
ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_1 ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_ ylight_LED_MOVING_HEAD_MH150_BSW_3in1_1


MH150 is a compact spot, beam, and wash hybrid LED Moving Head, featuring 150W LED source and long life solution of up to 50,000 hours. it has 11,500 total lumen output, motorized zoom ranges of 3° to 7° in beam mode, 7° to 27° in zoom mode.  7 dichroic colors, 6 rotating—interchangeable glass and 10 static-stamped metal gobos, a 3-facet linear independent rotating prisms, high speed shutter and strobe, full color 180° reversible LCD menu display, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply 100-240V.


Efficient 150W LED LAMP

It has 11,500 total lumen output, reach to 22900 lux  @ 4m;


Pan movement: 540° (16 bit)        Tilt movement: 270° (16 bit)

Beam, wash & Spot 3in1

Color wheel: 7 dichroic filters +open with rainbow effects

Static Gobo Wheel:10 fixed gobo with open circle

Rotation Gobo Wheel: 6 rotation gobo

Extensive effect

Prism: 3-facet/ linear prism with frost filter

Strobe: Electrical strobe;



Body Material High-temperature resistance plastic & Molded alloy material
Product Size 270mm×200mm×470mm
Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power 200W
Lamp Type LED 150W
Average Life Span >50000h
Color Wheel 7 colors + open
Fixed gobo wheel 10 fixed gobo + open
Rotation gobo wheel 6 rotation gobo + open
Color Temperature 6800K
Prism 3 facelet
DMX Control 18CH
Control Mode Standard DMX512, Master/Slave control mode, Sound Active, Auto run
Menu Display LED Display
DMX Signal Connection 3/5-pin XLR input/output
Power Cable Daisy Chain 6 fixture max 220v/3 fixture max 100v
Strobe 1-25 flashes per second
Beam Angle 3°-7°
Zoom Angle 7°-21°
Working Temperature -10-40ºC
IP Rate IP20
Packing Size 480mm x 370mm x 360mm
Package 1pc/carton
N.W/G.W 9kgs/12kgs