YLIGHT_tigher_touch_ii_DMX_Controller_Board_0 YLIGHT_tigher_touch_ii_DMX_Controller_Board_0
YLIGHT_tigher_touch_ii_DMX_Controller_Board_1 YLIGHT_tigher_touch_ii_DMX_Controller_Board_1


AL-DMX2048-TC is the perfect tool to control multiple lighting fixtures-conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, video, and media. Integrated 15.4 touch screen for fast programming, and can be extended to a 17 Inch Touch Screen. Fast, intuitive and live interface ,4 DMX output ports, 2048 DMX channels. Three optical encoders for hands on access, The use of powerful Titan 6.1 version of the operating system, Core Duo processor, 60G solid-state hard disk, 2G memory. Support English menu display, and the built-in multi-language. Supports Artnet, and can be extended to 12 DMX output, 6144 channels, 10 macro keys, can edit any program.


2048 DMX channels  20fader  4×3P-XLR  4 physical DMX outputs

 Integrated 15.4 touch screen for fast programming, and can be extended to a 17 Inch Touch Screen

Three optical encoders for hands on access

Powerful Titan 6.1 version of the operating system, Core Duo processor, 60G solid-state hard disk, 2G memory.

Support english menu display, and the built-in multi-language

Supports Artnet and CITP protocol



Item Number AL-DMX2048
Body Material A3 plastic
Product size 680mm × 435mm × 150mm
Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50W
DMX channels 2048 CHS
Menu Display LCD display
DMX output interface 4×3P-XLR
Working Temperature up to 40°C
IP Rate IP20
Package 1pc/ flight case
Packing Size 750mm x 530mm x 280mm
N.W/G.W 12.05kg/ 37kg