Dear Friends and Clients,

Times flies and we will meet you again in another pro light sound exhibition in Shanghai from Oct 10-13, 2018. welcome to visit our booth N4 B44 to check our latest products: the RDM Pixel Mapping LED Par Cans and LED Wash lights.

What is RDM?

Remote Device Management is a protocol that sits on top of the normal DMX512 data standard. DMX512 is a unidirectional protocol which means that the data flows in one direction – from the control desk to the lights.

With the addition of RDM, the DMX512 system becomes a bi-directional (half-duplex) system. The controller is able to send out a question to devices on the wire, which can then respond with an answer. The messages within the protocol cover all the everyday tasks a lighting system manager incurs – setting DMX addresses, modes and other configuration tasks, plus monitoring sensors, usage, status messages and fault finding.Think of an RDM transaction as a conversation – the lighting desk says ‘tell me your DMX address’ and the fixture responds with ‘my address is 032’. This is known as a GET command. Next the controller can send a SET command, such as ‘set your DMX address to 065’, and the fixture can respond to acknowledge this change. In this way, through GET and SET commands and responses, the RDM protocol allows a control desk to modify and monitor the DMX system in ways never possible before.