We are excited to announce that the pixel mapping light AL-WP710-PX which support RDM and Art-Net is available now!

This LED fixture has 7pcs 10W QUAD high brightness LEDs, and big lens to have a bigger color wash coverage. some outstanding features as following:

Feature 1 :with 8/11/28 DMX channel options:

8CH: Dimmer, Strobe, Program and Speed, R, G, B, W

11CH: Dimmer, Strobe, Program and Speed, 7 pixels control, each RGBW dimming;

28CH: 7 pixel R, G, B, W each color individual dimming, which is the pixel mapping function;

Feature 2: This led fixture is available for both DMX and ART-NET protocols, it will smartly detect which signal to react the command;  for some special venues it allows you to choose which Signal you want to use.

Feature 3: Builds in temperature sensors, it can automatically reduce the currency to avoid overheat; instant temperatures can be view on the LCD menus or via remote monitor software.

Feature 4: Builds LCD displays.  it has Black background and white color fonts, which is easy readable. also the LCD background light can be automatically off in 15 seconds if there is no touch of the buttons or no operation via RDM/Art-Net;

Feature 5: Madrix friendly. this light fixture can be easily detected by Matrix via Cat5 cable directly, no need any converters or splitters.

You are welcome to come visit us and check out the new products, book an appointment or demonstration with us today.